Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager

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An application for Dell laptops that helps you manage any network connection
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CzajosS very useful program , he has very diferent functions smile

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Guest Warning: do not work with this tool. it is buging!

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francois A user came with it, although i actually managed to start the wifi with dell controllpoint (in the end...), the controlls are so arcanish and intricate that it will even make an IT-engineer cringe... so for a normal user it's just too much.
. Disabling it would have taken me the whole afternoon so i just uninstalled it (cause the bloatware is a whole package of uselessness it seems...) and now we have an happy user and a well functioning machine. If there is Wifi in hell, Dell controlpoint Connection Manager is probably the connection tool of choice there...

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Tony Orlando New Dell 6400 and the wirless connection was always dropping and was very slow. I first tried disabling the Dell Control Point Connection manager but still the same. Finally uninistalled it and everything works fine.

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Tim Tong Brand new E5500. I bought dell to not encounter these stupid driver problems. But I was wrong. How can it have such slow wireless network settings. Can not be the router because my sony laptop is blazing , and it is on a slower connection speed.
I tried uninstall Dell control point - still having speed problems. Will have to call tech support again... here we go again...

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droyalty Depending on the provider and the model number of the mobile broadband modem, other utilities exist to drive the mobile broadband. You really don't even need a utility if you know how to setup a manual dialup connection for the modem. I'm building a webpage specifically devoted to mobile broadband on Dell. It's not complete and will always be a work-in-process. There may be info there that will help with issues.

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Arte Arefjev This is one of the ugliest piece of crappy software from Dell I've ever seen. I don't know why it's been made so ugly, slow and unusefull , but it really is. I am getting so frustrated with it every day. Simply advice to everyone to uninstall it ASAP!!!

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lionel valero Hello,

I wanted to bypass connection manager, and then i checked "use windows to manage wireless..." in my wifi card properties, and then the computer (xp sp3) became very weird, the network was very slow, system error,... I uninstall control point connection manager and everything is fine. Avoir it.


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Paul I've just configured a couple of new Latitude E6400--VERY nice--but ControlPoint Connection Manager SUX. It just inserts an additional layer of varying stability between the OS and the device. Set to "auto-connect", from the time of enabling the Sprint Air Card (Sorry, "Mobile Broadband Connection"), it's well over a minute before connectivity is established. There's no device-specific management utility, like the Dell WLAN Wireless Card Utility for the WiFi adapter, so you have no choice but to fumble around in DCP's clumsy screens. DCP runs as several services and has its tentacles in everything. If you totally disabled it, would the devices even work?

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